✈️ 5 Holiday Travel Tips

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With the pandemic restrictions lifting up, many of us are looking for a getaway or an overdue visit to friends and family overseas. Here are some traveling tips for those of you recharging this holiday season:
1. Layer on a leather jacket over a loose-fit hoodie
Throwing on a fitting or oversized leather jacket over your comfortable airport lounging fit will make you more put-together. In the end, you still want to look trendy and stylish while walking around the airport shops or meeting up with your friends after the flight.
You could even go straight to a meet-up with this look while still being comfortable in your outfit.
2. Wear comfortable shoes
Wearing comfortable shoes like a pair of Yeezys or NMDs are important. Our blood circulation is slowed down after long flights and the last thing you want is to walk in tight shoes!
Give your feet a rest and make sure they are comfortable.
3. Thick socks to keep warm
What is worse than having cold feet while you try to enjoy a movie or sleep on the flight? Make sure to be well-prepared by wearing thick and comfy socks.
A pair of UGG socks like these Lita Fleece Lined Sock could keep you warm and look cute with loose-fit boots.
4. Skin care for the dry air
Whether it be an ultra-moisturizing night cream or even sheet masks, don’t forget to hydrate your dry skin while in the air!
Your skin will thank you for those extra ten minutes nourishing as the high-altitudes tend suck out the moisture in them.
5. Books or journaling
The self-care routine isn’t complete without taking care of the mind. We tend to do our most creative and deep work in a hotel room or on a plane.
Bring a book, read on kindle, and start jotting down ideas as traveling stimulates your mind.
Happy traveling!


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