❄️ 5 Winter Outfit Styling Tips

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It is officially cozy-up-in-winter-clothes-season and here are 5 winter outfit styling tips for you:


1. Layering is key

The fun thing about winter fashion is you could experiment with different styles by layering them on top of each other. Whether it be checker-prints, knits, tights, vest, or down jackets, be sure to try out multiple textures and patterns.

Match the pattern or texture of two outfit items to create a more cohesive look. Easily remove one or a few layers when going indoors and instantly refresh your outfit. 


2. Waterproof jackets

A sleek-yet-warm waterproof jacket will always be a worthy investment piece for the winter. Stay warm, stylish, and protect yourself from the snow or rain.

Choose a jacket with a big hoodie to combat the unexpected weather. It could also protect your hair or makeup from getting messed up!

Match puffier jackets with leggings or slim-fit pants to balance out the look.


3. Boots, boots, boots 👢

We have been waiting all year for those knee-high boots in the closet to come out and shine. Match them with leather pants, or a skirt and tights, and heads will be turned this winter.

You could finish up with a puffer jacket or a faux fur jacket to stay warm and style things up!


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4. Belt your jackets 🧥

If your winter jackets are too puffy, tighten the waistline with a belt over the outerwear. This will bring out your natural figure without being overshadowed.

Match them with a statement belt and keep the rest of the accessories minimal for a sleek, clean, and confident look.


5. Match your winter accessories with your shoes

We like to cozy up in a warm hat and scarf in the freezing weather. Don’t let these smart accessorizing moments go to waste.

Match them to the color or texture of your shoes for that eye-popping look. A pair of brown leather gloves styled with some mocha-colored boots will surely bring out that winter fashionista in you.


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