5 Holiday Fit Ideas For 2022

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It is that time of the year again where the festivities are finally happening!

From velvet holiday suits to transparent vests, here are 5 outfit ideas that would instantly make you stand-out at any parties:


1. Bring on the Velvet Suit Set

What better Christmas outfit colors are there than red and green? 

This year, celebrate the holiday with a classy red velvet blazer and trouser set without looking like a Christmas tree.

Match them with a luxurious green silk shirt top underneath and you would sure be a style inspiration for the rest.

Red Classic Velvet Blazer + Green Elegant Lustrous Shirt + Red Classic Velvet Leg Trousers


2. Classy Little Black Tweed Dress

A more feminine and low-key option would definitely be the little black tweed dress.

Match them with tights underneath and some sleek boots for a balanced look. This is the perfect outfit for a dinner party with friends and loved ones.

Black Tweed Flare Dress + Kyra Boots


3. Stand Out with Asymmetric Designs

Want to bring out the cool it girl vibes this winter?

Throw on an asymmetric suit dress and pair them with some simple sandals.

You would sure be a topic and conversation starter at any events without looking too dramatic.

Asymmetric Off-Shoulder Suit Dress + Daphne Sandals


4. Edgy & Sexy Slim-Fit All Black Look

We love a chic transparent unisex vest this winter for that edgy look. Pair it with a slim-fit embroidery blazer, trousers, and a pair of black heels.

For guys, match them with a pair of black shiny oxford shoes.

You would steal the show at any fashionable events with that Yves Saint Laurent vibe.

Transparent Embroidery Vest + Embroidery Blazer + Embroidery Trousers


5. Maroon Slips Dress

In need of a well-rounded outfit that is suitable for new year dinners with the relatives?

Put on a maroon slip dress and match it with a sleek black shoulder bag. This outfit would prepare you for any type of holiday events.

Maroon Organza Slip Dress + Black Shoulder Bag


Happy Holidays!


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