51 E John

Acting as both archaeologists and deconstructionists, the designers of 51 E John wander the halls of history, using their creativity to reinterpret elements of humanity most deem unworthy of having lived in the realm of modern design. Whether it’s crafting chic dental braces to help offset the stigma felt by those forced to wear them in their most vulnerable years, or using the vacuum-packed look of aluminum most associated with frozen foods to make us reconsider the places we look to find beauty - the idea of questioning traditional ideals is everywhere. This can be seen most clearly in their range of literally deconstructed pieces, where the types of rings and necklaces aligned with marriages or anniversaries are expertly cut and mangled to create new and exciting shapes from an antiquated mold. This is all made possible due to their expertly hands-on approach to their materials - a rare occurrence for designers operating so conceptually.