Saturn Gold Stud Hoop Earrings


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This pair of hoop earrings spans 2.5cm in diameter and is held firmly in place by butterfly backs. Casted in recycled bronze and plated in 18k gold with a brilliant finish.

- 18k gold plated over recycled bronze
- 2.5cm diameter, 8mm thick
- Handmade in Bali



~ Cosmos ~
To ascend into a collective love consciousness where positive aspects of the self are illuminated to unify.

A galaxy of planets in the scheme of nature inspires the Cosmos collection of hoop earrings. Guided by the transformative qualities of these luminous orbs, we reimagine the celestial bodies of rings, ice, rocks, dust and clouds as atmospheric jewellery casted in recycled bronze then plated in 18k gold — timeless refinement to grace the lobes. Mood enhancers, like a reliable love song that lift the spirits. Moving through space and time, uncovering stories untold in history books to reveal and embrace new realities within. A reminder that we are all connected under the same sky.