Black Quartz Backpack

White Rhino Bags

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This White Rhino bag can be relied on as your go to carry-all. Hidden magnetic snap for the front flap covered compartment, complete with a constructed placket.


Convertible shoulder straps; Easily switch from one shoulder wear to strap classic double arm-strap wear.


Made with cork leather and vegan leather


5.25 x 9 x 12 (size in inches)


Cork leather is a plant-based, animal-free leather alternative produced from the Cork Oak tree. It is a soft, durable, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to animal-derived leathers. It comes in a variety of colors and textures some of which maintain the unique cork-like look and others which are pressed or printed to mimic animal skin textures such as snake or cow-hide.


Vegan leather items are made from man-made vinyl fabrics that have the look and feel of animal-hide leather without the loss of life. Vinyl fabric is durable, easy to clean, water-resistant and has a texture which imitates animal-derived leathers. We ethically source our fabric from manufacturers who adhere to ISO manufacturing standards and in order to be as sustainable as possible with these man-made materials we utilize fabrics that are already in existence. Rather than using up more resources to produce new fabric we take the homeless overstock from larger manufacturers and turn it into something usable that will add value to your everyday.